Hi, What an amazing year 2016 was, and it looks like 2017 is shaping up to be the even better!  I genuinely feel blessed. Firstly April,BLUESFEST in BYRON with GLENN CARDIER AND THE SIDESHOW. Then ,May – Blues On Broadbeach with The SHANE PACEY TRIO! Somebody pinch me! I scored a gratifying life, built around the wonderful World of Music. I’ve had a wonderful year with PLAYING FOR CHANGE too.What an honor! (not playing, in an unpaid management role) I love that project.The perfect opportunity to ‘give back’ a little.I was instrumental in the huge success of the Playing For Change Band’s first ever Australian tour in March/April 2012 & 5 tours since! Then I got to play Percussion with them in Ibiza on PlayingForChange Day in September in front of an audience of 3,000 on a beach! See http://playingforchange.com/the-team/davo-fester. Some wonderful recordings to top a good year off. GLENN CARDIER AND THE SIDESHOW released “Cool Under Fire” (available on his website) Genius stuff. Also, Please look at obtaining either of the The SHANE PACEY TRIO. albums. Our new album HELIOS, and previous release Watch Out! have blitzed em’ in the charts and Sales. We had the time of our lives making them, and you can tell.(If you’d like to purchase the albums or downloads – Go to www.shanepaceytrio.com.au – using PayPal – You’ll love them both , promise                                                                 Thanks heeps for taking an interest & reading! Do check out my “Up-Coming Gig page on this site for some live music to feed your soul!                                                      **If you come to one of these shows,make sure you come and say Hi 🙂                            Peace, Rhythm & Love

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